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Treasure Fingers

TREASURE CFR4 643x290 Treasure Fingers

 Treasure Fingers Spotlight + Guest Mix - Hosted by Tim Dotchin


Tim Dotchin Interviews Treasure Fingers

Treasure Fingers Treasure Fingers

[CFR] What’s the Treasure Fingers story? Where did this all get started?

[Ashley] It started off as… I was doing Evol Intent, which is drum and bass IDM. General, bassey electronic music. At the same time, just on the side, I was making this kind of funky, disco, 80′s boogie influence type stuff. Just as a hobby, I wasn’t pushing it at all. Then, a friend of mine– Jordan, from the band Snowed In, came by. He was wanted a remix for a track off their new album. When I heard it, I didn’t really think an Evol Intent remix would work. So I said, “Look, let me show you some of this other stuff that I’ve got. I think it could work. I could take your vocals, kind of the whole indie rock thing, and I can do a nice remix to it”. He heard it, and he was the main one that really pushed me. He thought it was great and that I had to get it out, and come up with a name. I played him Across the Dancefloor, and he showed it to his brother, who ran a big blog. His brother wanted to leak it, and I wanted to see what the reaction was from people. It just took off from there. As soon as it got blogged, it got reblogged and reblogged and reblogged.

[CFR] Is that how you got picked up by Defected Records?

defected logo Treasure Fingers
[Ashley] No. Defected was way later. Across the Dancefloor lead to getting signed by Fools Gold. I did a bunch of remixes. I had a track that Arwon put on their mix mag dubsauce CD. Defected heard that and got in touch. I guess they liked my stuf and wanted to know what else I had. That track wasn’t signed yet, and they wanted a B-Side, so I came up with the flip release. They loved that, so…
It was just gradual snowballing from blogs to getting signed to Fools Gold, to remixes for major labels and all the indie labels, then Defected.

[CFR] The internet was instrumental. The blogging was the seeds of your career?

[Ashley] Oh yeah, totally. Just trying to build a fan base from the ground up. You leak something, and if people like it, it’s going to spread. They’re going to send it to their friends, they’re going to Twitter about it and Facebook it, and it’s just going to keep growing. This was before that thought. This was like, MySpace I guess.

[CFR] What blogs in particular? Any highlights? treasure6web 200x300 Treasure Fingers

[Ashley] Man, right now I don’t keep up with blogs.

[CFR] No, the ones back in the day.

[Ashley] Disco Dust was one of my favorite ones. I’m pretty sure they’re still around. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be. Yeah, Disco Dust was one of my favorites. Big Stereo…

[CFR] Vacay?

[Ashley] Yeah, Vacay Vitamins is good. Kiss Atlanta was the one that originally blogged Across the Dancefloor. He actually moved from Atlanta to Brooklyn and started Kiss Brooklyn. Now he’s in Austin. I think he’s probably doing Kiss Austin.

[CFR] The name Treasure Fingers. Can you talk to that? Are there some magic fingers women should know about?

[Ashley] It’s kind of just nonsense. There’s no real meaning behind it.

[CFR] Yeah, right! You just don’t want to say it on the radio.

[Ashley] I can’t say it on the radio. I’m hiding it.

TreasureFingersICanGiveYouHouse.Com  600x338 Treasure Fingers

[CFR] You’re always looking down the pipe for what’s next. What would you tell people to look out for? New sounds, producers and influences… What’s next?

[Ashley] Man, it’s just kind of going crazy right now. There’s been hits that come out of nowhere. I first hear it, think it’s pretty cool, then all of a sudden, it’s everywhere in the clubs and is starting a whole new sound. Even the whole moombathon thing. It’s crazy how big that exploded. I think right now there’s a lot of fresh kids getting into electronic music. They have no preconceived thoughts or ideas about what electronic music should be. So, anything goes right now. It’s actually a pretty awesome time to be in this business, I think.

Episode Tracklist

treasure spotlight1 Treasure Fingers

1.Zapp & Roger – More Bounce To The Ounce

2.Snowden – Anti Anti (Treasure Fingers Funk Remix)

3.Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dancefloor – Fools Gold

4.Treasure Fingers – Lift Me – Defected

5.Treasure Fingers & Malente – Crusaders – Defected

6.Treasure Fingers – Rooftop Revival – Hed Kandi


treasure mix banner1 144x1024 Treasure Fingers

1. Hector 87 – Sample Was Borrowed

2. Martin Accorsi & Brett Sylvia – Phunky Child

3. Will Clarke – Buster (K-Klass remix)

4. Dynamik Dave & Anthony Ross – Be Alright

5. Duck Sauce – aNYway (DJ Dan remix)

6. Foreal People – Feel Good 2 U (J Paul Getto remix)

7. Kevin Prise – Love to Find

8. Todd Terry – Amerinigga

9. Aston Shuffle – Won’t Get Lost Again (96 Bulls remix)

10. Lifelike & Popular Computer – Getting High

11. Alex Metric – Epichords

12. Perfect Driver – Circus

13. ? – ?

14. Señor Stereo РI am the beat (Treasure Fingers remix)

15. Treasure Fingers – It’s Love

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